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Oh wow. I read the entire book today. I wish I would have had this book years ago and been aware of so many of my negative traits and been able to work on them then, instead of now. I would highly recommend this book, if for not to better yourself, to better understand people around you. Its a true eye opener!!
GREAT READ and thanks so much for sharing your own personal experiences and writing it in a way it was easy to understand and follow what you were presenting.
I’m going to keep this book close and read it several more times.
Karen Ann Driscoll Pohlman
Emotional Power will help you discover simple, yet effective, tools and tactics to master each of the five components of emotional power: Awareness, Attitude, Empathy, Social Skills, and Emotional Management. It is both a primer and an advanced guide to understanding the role of emotions in your life and to dealing with the four major behavioral styles.
Dr. Tony Alessandra, Author of The Platinum Rule and Charisma
Fast moving, enjoyable book shows you how to understand, control and turn your emotions into personal power and success in every area of your life.
Brian Tracy, Author of The Power of Self Confidence

Transforming Organizations Through Communication, Happiness, Health, and Wellness

Know Yourself, Heal Yourself,

Enhance the Spirit Within.


Reset Mindset, Create the Greatest Teams, Solidify Permanent Personal Relationships and Gain Productivity and Profits

Release Me!

Every negative event in your life has left a mark, changed your thoughts, and quite possibly created chronic Illness. Change That Now!

Release Me! - Emotion Code Sessions

Clear your mind, release your trapped emotions, envision your real future.

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Release Me! and Personal Reset Explained

Release Me! and Personal Reset Explained

Release Me! – Trapped Emotion elimination

Personal Reset – Deep dive for one Issue

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Personal Reset

Make your worst personal challenge evaporate.
One Session, One Issue, One Solution

One Session, One Issue, One Solution

Reset your life! Remove your most pressing issue, eliminate addiction, boost self-confidence.

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Meet The Doctors

About The Doctors

The Doctors

For over 30 years, the Doctors have been helping organizations and people just like you recognize & fulfill their potential.

The Doctors know that it’s not the techniques, knowledge, or leadership skills you possess that creates success in your life and relationships. – It’s You

It's All About You

It's All About You

It is simply You: Your thoughts, your desires, your expectations…

When all these come together and You Believe, then the magic happens. Teams coalesce, Relationships happen, coincidence manifests, luck comes around, and the universe smiles on you.


Lives Changed

Make Yours the Next One!

You're In Great Company

Over the past three (plus) decades, the Doctors’ Perkins have trained, coached and mentored more than 600,000 individuals worldwide.

Businesses need happiness. It feeds innovation, progress, and profits.

It’s time for you to know what the Doctors have!

More, Better, Happier


Have experienced greater successes in their job and personal lives.
Have seen massive growth and increased self-esteem.
Have become happier, more attractive and more successful.
Their work relationships and performance has improved.
And they take pleasure in serving others more completely.

Creating Financial, Life and Relationship Successes, One Person And Business At a Time.

Live “Happily Ever After”

This may literally be possible. The Doctors set you and your organization on the path and give you the knowledge and skills to allow this to happen. Are you worth it?

Transformation Events:

Dr. Karen R. Perkins’ book “Emotional Power” was released to the public on May 6th, 2016. It immediately went to #1 Best Seller on Amazon. Haven’t got it yet?  click this link

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“Thank you for helping me strengthen my inner game.  I didn’t realize how much I needed it.  Now that my inner game is where it should be, and I’ve got all these great tools for personal and professional success.”


Bob Monson, Boise ID

“I have a totally different understanding of why people seem to be afraid of me. I gained the courage I needed to OWN my animal, follow my heart, and be happy as well as successful!” 

Tina Harris

“I buy everything they offer!!!”


Julie Benson

“Your mind first – I love that!”


Sherman Samuels

“My boss is a Lion and I’m an Owl… now it all makes sense…  I know what she needs and I can meet those needs and in return have my own satisfied.  For the first time since I took this job, I’m not walking on pins and needles waiting to see how he’ll react.  I wish I had known this information earlier in life!”


Josh Baxter

“They’ve got it all. They let me get it right, helped me improve how I talk to others, let my light shine, and attract the perfect career opportunities.”


Chris Blakely

Dr. Perkins was hired to coach several of the Executive from my office. Quite honestly I was offended at the suggestion I needed coaching.  I had worked hard to get to the level I was at and I didn’t need someone else telling me what to do to succeed.  I had it figured out!

Everyone of us who have had the opportunity to work with Karen, discovered there is always something new to learn, some improvement to be made or some insights we could share with others.  

One of the most valuable things I learned was to identify that I was trapped in the old belief that ‘Successful Women were either aggressive or viewed as aggressive”. Because of this I found myself behaving the way I thought was expected.   I found I was often misunderstood or misjudged.  I discovered that this old belief was unnecessary and flawed. Accepting that Karen worked with me on ways to convey my leadership style with the class and style to better suited who I am inside. With coaching my communication style, the way I conveyed my message, changed. Not only did the words change, I became aware of my body language, my inflections and the impact my choice of words had.  I truly learned communication skills that motivate others. I also learned how to listen to others, truly hear them, from listening to how “they speak” instead of trying to get the to speak the way I listen. These skills have improved my professional AND my personal relationships.

This is just a small sampling of ALL the valuable life changing lessons I gained.  My private life is more balanced, at work I’m more successful, my team is more motivated and my department’s profits have increase 27% since Karen started coaching me.”

Melinda Benson

“They’re the best for a reason. I had immediate changes in the way my entire organization viewed me. As a top executive, respect no longer came from fear or title only. A deep inner belief that my actions were going to lead the business to higher and greater success has become the norm not the exception. Loyalty, Innovation and Productivity has never been higher”.


James Pullman