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We create business & life success stories, one person at a time.

Since Darwin’s first training session in 1978, the Doctors have been helping individuals & organizations recognize & fulfill their potential.  Both Dr. Darwin and Dr. Karen do this through coaching, consulting, and working hand-in-hand utilizing real world experiences.

Over the past three (plus) decades, the two Drs. have trained, coached and mentored more than 600,000 individuals worldwide.  As a result, these same people have had great success in their personal  & professional growth, improved their communication & relationship skills, and have grown in self-esteem & confidence.  These individuals have learned how to be the one to attract the one, regardless of what or who that ‘one’ may be.  The one could be a new and lasting relationships, it could be improving a relationship they already have, happiness at home or work, a new job or career, or simply finding happiness with who they are, or any number of things.


Dr. Karen R. Perkins

Enlightened Managers, Turning Managers into Leaders, The Secret of Executive Persuasion Skills, Leadership that makes a difference.

Dr. Karen Perkins is Your Happily Ever After Expert. Modern leadership, now more than ever, requires a deep understanding of self, a commitment to truth, and a communication style that evinces a desire for underlying happiness of the individual.

Happy employees promote the company, make clients more satisfied, come up with better ideas and create profitability. Modern Leaders understand that. They set the tone for the company, create the corporate environment, and make it possible for that happiness to thrive. Their understanding of human potential, their clarity of self and their underlying faith in themselves and in others set the stage for successes never before imagined.

Dr. Karen Perkins, with her husband, Dr. Darwin Perkins are highly sought after business leaders and consultants in both the private and public sectors. For over 20 years, they have counseled and taught organizations, groups, and individuals, giving them the keys to personal  and organizational growth and by recognizing and fulfilling each person’s own immeasurable potential.

The Drs. Perkins have spent over two decades themselves as a business leaders and consultants, and have mentored and taught over one half million people worldwide. By following their advice and guidelines, thousands have found greater happiness, learned the secrets of true leadership, improved work performances and begun to change their world.  Their students learn to promote happiness at every level in the organization. They experience great success in their personal lives, improve their communication skills and relationships, and enhance their self-esteem and confidence.

Drs. Perkins mentor top executives to reset and enhance personal clarity while polishing their speaking and communication skills. They learn the truth about promoting corporate wellness including: emotional intelligence, change management, overcoming barriers and personal fears, team building, leadership, communications, conflict resolution, and stress management. The doctors use a toolkit that includes multi-media, Internal Reset Therapy© , one-on-one and group Internal Reset sessions, corporate keynote presentations, and seminars.

Using Dr. Karen Perkins’ latest book, Emotional Power, the Doctors present 1 to 2 day seminars and week long retreats that focus on incorporating making your emotions work for you, being clear with yourself, promoting positive relationships, then communicating powerfully to gain alignment with your direction and plans.

It’s time for you to move into the New Era of Leadership. Move from Managing to Leading.

“I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves. – J. Smith

You need a keynote speaker, workshop leader, executive consultant, counselor and guide.

Request Dr. Karen Perkins. You and your team will be enthralled and eager to incorporate her guidance in your lives.

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“We love celebrating those victories with our participants!” Dr. Karen R. Perkins D.B.A”

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