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Release Me!

Unblock Your Life – It’s All in Your Mind

Emotionally-charged events from your past are still haunting you.“Trapped Emotions” literally inhabit your body and change your mind. 

Any of these symptoms indicate that you need release!

Plateau, Lack of Will, Bad Habit,
No Results, “Eat Less, work harder, gain weight”,
Can’t Drop Weight, Poor Diet/Exercise Results,
Hard Work Just Doesn’t Pay Off,
Don’t Deserve It, Don’t believe you should,
Low Self Confidence, Lack of Drive,
Lack of Resolve
No Belief

Your Release Me! Emotion Code Session

This is one of our most popular services. It is designed specifically to identify and release your trapped emotions and to correct other imbalances in the body.  These sessions are directed by you and can either be for working toward general wellness, or targeted to address specific physical or emotional issues.

Each session may include (but is not limited to) the release or correction of trapped emotions, structural imbalances, energetic circuits in the body, and recommendations to address nutritional deficiencies and toxicity.

These sessions may be in-person, on the phone, or completely remote (disconnected). Regardless the method you choose, the effect is exactly the same. Select your preference for session type when you schedule your appointment.

Trapped Emotions create exercise plateaus, undue pain, body malfunctions, weight gain, lethargy, and even chronic disease.

In addition, your trapped emotions have a dramatic effect on how you think, the choices that you make, and how successful you believe you will be in everything you do. Release the trapped emotions that keep you from your next level.

Releasing trapped emotions often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, in weight rebalancing, elimination of self-sabotage, and positive relationship changes.

Ever experienced a Plateau?

You know what a Plateau looks like. You know that there are times when you work and work and nothing happens. You also know that there are times when you do almost no work and everything comes together.

Your Mind, and your Trapped Emotions control your body to an extent that you can’t begin to fathom. It really is “all in your mind”.

  • Want to loose weight? – Change your mind.
  • Want to get into shape? – Change your mind.
  • Want to Gain 10 pounds of muscle? – Change your mind
  • Want to run faster, jump higher, lift more and look better? – Change your mind
  • Want to fall in love (again)? – Change your mind

Happily Ever After? – It’s all in your mind

You believe what you have been taught, what your parents (and their parents) believe and what you have experienced. It has made you what you are today.

But: A part of every negative emotion you have ever experienced is trapped somewhere in your body. Every one of those emotions, is damaging your mind, your spirit, your soul, and your body.

Release Those Negative Trapped Emotions – Make yourself better.

  • Release Trapped Emotions – Your body recovers
  • Release Trapped Emotions – Your mind relaxes
  • Release Trapped Emotions – You shed extra weight
  • Release Trapped Emotions – You easily shape up
  • Release Trapped Emotions – Your relationships improve
  • Release Trapped Emotions – Your life changes for the better

What happens next?

  • This is a 20 minute appointment with Dr. Perkins.
  • We recommend 24-48 hours between sessions.
  • You will receive a written emailed report after your session, detailing what was done.
  • After purchasing the session, you will do two things:
  1. Fill out an intake form (will be available after purchase and also emailed to you)
  2. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Perkins (Link will be provided to you)

Dr. Darwin Perkins, is a certified Emotion Code Practitioner. an engaging international speaker, hypnotist, author, and a highly sought after business leader and consultant in the private and public sectors. For over 30 years, he has met with organizations, groups, and individuals, teaching them the keys to personal growth and how to recognize and fulfill their own immeasurable potential. He has help hundreds of individuals build internal strength, Release the emotions that held them captive, overcome bad habits, lose weight, and more.

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Purchase One Release Me! Session
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