Frustration is an overwhelming emotion.  It rarely has any positive effects, unless you use it to motivate yourself to action.  Frustration from others builds up a negative vibe that will quickly surround us if not repelled.

We’ve all been frustrated, annoyed, even angry when we couldn’t depend on someone else to do what they said they would.

Why would you put yourself on the other side and be the one warranting such negative emotions and energy waves directed directly at you?  You are not just letting other people down.  You are reinforcing to yourself that you are telling a lie, that you are a procrastinator, etc…  None of these are things we want.


So… to live a more positive life, only say you’ll do the things you know you’ll be able to and then do them.  If you say yes and find out that you cannot, immediately let the other person know.  People would much rather hear ”NO” so they can make other plans, than to think it’s getting done and find out too late that it wasn’t.