(Part 2) Putting In The Work

In our last blog entry, we introduced the top three ways you can become the person you always wanted to be: Taking Inventory of Who You Are; Putting In The Work; and Promoting Positive Vibes. In Part 1 we talked about Taking Inventory of Who You Are. Today, we are going to focus on the next segment, Putting In The Work.

When working hard for what we want, sometimes we get a little misdirected and  start “working hard because I was told to” instead of “working hard for what I want”. We can often work away at tasks or our jobs, pushing ourselves harder and harder to do what we are instructed to in a misdirected hope that it will lead to personal success and make us into who we want to be. In a most cases, doing this won’t really accomplish what we want. So, what are some things we can do to redirect ourselves and put in the right work? Here are a few things.

Listening To Our Own Thoughts
In such a huge and rushing society that the workforce can often be, we have been trained to ignore our own inner thoughts and ideas in order be a member of the team, to work in harmony, or to accomplish a task exactly as we are instructed. Many of us have begun to lose our connection with that soft inner voice of our intuition which gives us insights, great ideas, and urges us to grow and excel at life. More companies and managers are realizing the value of the inner voice in individuals and promoting its use on teams as a proper use of a mastermind. They realize that the best ideas are seldom generated in a group and that true intuition and innovation is sparked only through individual contributions. Take time each day to listen to your inner voice. Begin to differentiate what you are hearing. There is one voice that continually urges you toward greatness, gives you great, positive ideas, and encourages you towards health and happiness. Learn to recognize that voice, pay attention to it, and act on it’s promptings.

Know What You Don’t Want
You can’t reach your full potential unless you can truly understand what that is. In many instances, our goals in life might change depending on experience and new situation. Sometimes this can lead to moments where we might feel lost or even misguided, leaving us with no idea of what we are doing or even what we are trying to work toward. Being clear on what you want the end result of your hard work to be is always the first step on the path to that goal. You must continually validate your goals and use them to guide you in the right direction. They allow you to set clear steps and boundaries in your life.

Practice Thinking Optimistically
Science reveals that people who are optimistic tend to live longer and enjoy greater mental and physical health than those who think pessimistically. It’s true! Seeing the glass as half-full means smiling more often, refraining from self-destructive behavior, and even finding the silver linings to every cloud.

Let’s take a second to practice something called the “best future self” exercise. Grab a pen and paper and write expressively about your future self of 20 years from now for 10 minutes. As you do, think about this future you, the life this you is living, and imagine everything has gone as well as it possibly could have over the last 20 years.

In this exercise, you have worked hard and succeeded at accomplishing all of your life goals. Imagine this as the realization of all of your life dreams. Write down what you imagined. What did you get? Where are you living? What do your surroundings look like? What kind of car are you driving? Who are you with? Are you working? Are you volunteering? What is a day in your life like?

The first day, you probably won’t finish. So, do this for the next three days. When you finish on the last day, read everything you have written and focus on how it makes you feel. You’ll probably notice that not only do you feel better about a lot of things, you’ll actually start to see things in a more optimistic light.

Reward From Work

The key to take away from today’s blog is simply that you will be rewarded for the work you do. The secret is that when you choose to do work that leads you on a path to your goals, you are the one creating the rewards to come.