Affirmations for a Positive Attitude

Where to begin?

I was asked the other day where positive living begins.  I’ll tell you!

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It starts with creating a daily habit of writing down ten things you are grateful for!  A gratitide journal.  Even when I’m down… I come up with ten things to be grateful for.  It keeps me from going over the edge of bad attitude.


This is the best starting point ever!

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Food for Thought!

One of my participants brought me a fabulous quote yesterday!    Thanks NOLA!!

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”   – Antwone Fisher

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I use to sing every morning.  This would not only pick me up mentally, it also gave me more energy. 

Now sometimes I travel with other speakers… many did not appreciate me being so chipper in the morning so I stopped singing to keep from offending them. 

But this morning was such a great morning that I sang anyway (I’m traveling alone this week).  You know what?  I feel so much better!  I’ll be courteous enough to meet others needs, but from now on I’m going to SING Sunshine into my day!  Yes I’ll just […]

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In Times of Stress ‘BREATH’!

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Today has been a fabulous day for me.  I got up, breathed in the fresh air.  Smelled the flowers in my flowerbeds.  And went to the salon to get my hair done.  What could be better for a woman?

But as I was at the beauty salon I noticed a good portion of the people were stressed.  As they rattled on and on about all their troubles I wanted to just call out…  stop complaining and do something about it!  Something simple like slowly breathing.  YES! Get that […]

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Carnival of Fun

Memories of things that bring joy to my heart!  Since I remarried and moved from my hometown, it has been difficult to carry on one or two of the traditions I’ve participated in for many years.  It is that time of year for the Summer Carnival so memories of it have been sparked in my mind.

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The Annual Summer Carnival is one of those traditions that has had to be put aside for now.  But memories of  it still bring smiles to my heart, mind and soul.

For over a […]

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Happy Father’s Day

I wish I had something terribly profound to say about Fathers.  Mine was a hero and loved by the people who worked with and knew him.  My husband is a phenomenal father and grandfather.  My father-in-law is filled with love and a gentle kindness for all.

So what does fatherhood represent?  I believe it represents;

Silent Strength! dad bear

Leadership! man

Teaching!father teaching

Quick Decisions! quick

Honest Opinions! 

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Positive Affirmation Examples

It’s been requested that I provide a few examples of what positive affirmations may look like.  Here are a couple of examples for you to view.  Please note that you will want to personalize your affirmations to who you are and who you want to become.

By the way, you do not have to put your affirmations to music, but it doesn’t hurt. What you do need to do, is repeat the positive affirmation over and over and over again.

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Positive Affirmations – Core Values

In PART 7 of KICKING DEPRESSION’S BUTT, we talked about the importance of having a mission, vision or value statement and/or a motto.  In coming up with the information for this let’s visit our impressions of other people for a minute by doing the following exercise.

numbers random

It is vital to the outcome of this exercise that you do not read ahead.  Do each step before reading or moving on.

number 1

On a piece of paper write the names of 3 […]

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Positive Attitude – the Best Revenge

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.  ~Herm Albright, quoted in Reader’s Digest, June 1995

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Take it from a Bear!

I have had many opportunities to visit Yellowstone National Park.   The lessons I learn from watching the animals there are numerous and great!


Photo by Jack and JoAnn Marzo

Today’s lesson was from a Bear we have nick-named Rolanda (because she loves to roll on the snow and grass).

Rolanda would dig and dig and dig for a few roots and a rodent or two.  But in the midst of working her claws to the bone for a meager living (sound familiar?), she always found time to play.  Her favorite […]

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