Is there Hope for Happy let alone Happily Ever After?

Is there Hope for Happy let alone a Happily Ever After?fotolia_94317240

A woman I saw today asked me an interesting question.  She said “you go around the country motivating people, right?”  I chuckled and gave her my stock answer about motivation being an inside job. Then came the interesting part of her question, “don’t you find that life is too hopeless and people are too down to really feel motivated about anything these days?”

Yikes!  Too hopeless? Too down to feel motivated?  Are we?  […]

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Choose to have a grateful heart

What is a grateful heart?

“A Grateful Heart is a loving heart. A heart often becomes grateful because it has experience in being ungrateful.  It has become a grateful heart because it has realized there is much to be grateful for despite life’s trials and difficult times.”   -Ron Barnes

How do we develop and show a loving heart?

Sharing, not giving more than you have, but sharing in what you have, is one way to build a grateful heart.  One of my favorite hymns is […]

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LOOK For and LOVE the GOOD in LIFE

Look for and love the good in life

This does not mean you live a complete Pollyanna life.  It means you acknowledge the challenges, move to change the circumstance and focus on the possible positive outcome of the change.  If there is no possible positive outcome, then you move as quickly as possible to remove yourself from the situation (or people).

Also, you don’t just focus on the challenge and changing the circumstance.   You choose to be consciously aware of all the other circumstances, people, events, etc… around you that are not creating challenges at the moment […]

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