understanding personality types, pt 2 (peacocks)

In the last blog we mentioned four main personality types drawn from my wife’s book, Emotional Power. They are: Director (Lion), Analyzer (Owl), Sociable (Peacock), and Loyal (Lamb). Here’s a quick synopsis of the types. See if you recognize anyone in your organization that fits these models. For this blog we’ll start with the Peacock/sociable.

You know that person in the office who is always talking to everyone, and seems to be energetic and the life of the party? Well Chances are they are the peacocks of your office. The peacocks like to be in control and they need to interact […]

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Understanding personality types, part 1

Last week my son-in-law got his first job in a management position. He was extremely excited, but also very nervous. One of the first tasks he was given in this position was to evaluate all the employees’ strengths and weaknesses, then to let go the ones who were not up to par. This has had me thinking a lot about personality types and how we respond to things differently based on our specific personality type.

Knowing personality types system can be very helpful in knowing what things motivate an individual, or what distracts them from doing their best on the job. […]

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Comfort through Experiences

Recently I received a letter from a woman seeking comfort.  She shared that she had sought for a better life, better self-esteem, better her. She had hoped to achieve all this by undergoing plastic surgery.  Sadly her surgeon was not what he had been advertised to be and her surgery resulted in a near death experience and years of ongoing physical pain.  She felt a bitter guilt and shame for what she had put herself, her young daughter and the rest of her loved one through.

As I responded to her, I realized most of us have suffered in various ways from making […]

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Getting Past the FUNK!

I am very good at giving advice… sometimes not so good at following it.  And every once in a while I drop off the face of the planet for a couple of weeks.  I too get stuck from time to time in a FUNK or a Brain Warp  as I call it.

Today’s advice is about these Funks or Brain Warps:

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel! 

Path Through Tunnel

Some may say the light is from a train coming at them…  bad attitude!

And there are times when […]

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Father’s Day and Memories

Ralph D. Healthier Later Years

With Father’s Day upon us, I was thinking about my Dad.  He always had an answer for everything.  Some answers just wouldn’t work but he was going to try anyway.  He was a man of great determination and a man who was willing to try, try, try.  I think you’ll find this story funny.  I still do!

My Dad and the Fridge

fridge cartoon

Many years ago my parents moved from their home in Salt Lake […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

What is a Mother?  This is a question that can be answered many ways.  The way I look at it… Besides my Mother who gave me birth and raised me…  any woman who has ever loved and cared for a child is a mother to me.  There are so many people in this world that have given me the love, care and advice of a Mother!  I want to take  just a minute to thank all of them.  You wonderful people range from my sister Julie to my friend Janice to my Mother-in-Law (yes I did say the M-in-L word) […]

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Be Dependable for a More Positive Life

Frustration is an overwhelming emotion.  It rarely has any positive effects, unless you use it to motivate yourself to action.  Frustration from others builds up a negative vibe that will quickly surround us if not repelled.

We’ve all been frustrated, annoyed, even angry when we couldn’t depend on someone else to do what they said they would.

Why would you put yourself on the other side and be the one warranting such negative emotions and energy waves directed directly at you?  You are not just letting other people down.  You are reinforcing to yourself that you are telling a lie, that you are […]

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Taking Flight


A dear friend came over today and was telling me about a talk he had heard.  The speaker was a pilot and was talking about times of terrible thunderstorms.  When the skies are dark, the clouds filled with storm, the pilots hold tight for a window of opportunity to take off.  Some may ask why they would even try to fly in such terrible weather.  They stay grounded until they know they are safe to take flight.  This pilot talked about the difficulties they have even once they’ve been […]

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Queuing the Future!

data transfer

In Computer Science we refer to Queuing as a sequence of stored data or programs awaiting processing.

data to brain

In life if we store the right information when the time comes to process it we will have a better and more predictable outcome.

Computer Technician Examining Server

In other words, we control our futures with the information we store and process now.

Man With Computer Equipment


Over the next few months […]

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Positive Affirmations – Core Values

In PART 7 of KICKING DEPRESSION’S BUTT, we talked about the importance of having a mission, vision or value statement and/or a motto.  In coming up with the information for this let’s visit our impressions of other people for a minute by doing the following exercise.

numbers random

It is vital to the outcome of this exercise that you do not read ahead.  Do each step before reading or moving on.

number 1

On a piece of paper write the names of 3 […]

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