Quick Tip for Improved Self-Esteem

Here is a quick tip for improving self-esteem

On the days I get up early, do my hair, put on makeup and a clean outfit (jeans and a t-shirt  are fine when I intend on staying home – I put on a nicer outfit when going out) I feel 10,000% better physically, emotionally and spiritually!

Had I realized that the little extra effort to look the best I can no matter what my plans were for the day… would change my self-concept, self-esteem, and my attitude, I would have changed the way I did things much sooner.

My encouragement […]

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Comfort through Experiences

Recently I received a letter from a woman seeking comfort.  She shared that she had sought for a better life, better self-esteem, better her. She had hoped to achieve all this by undergoing plastic surgery.  Sadly her surgeon was not what he had been advertised to be and her surgery resulted in a near death experience and years of ongoing physical pain.  She felt a bitter guilt and shame for what she had put herself, her young daughter and the rest of her loved one through.

As I responded to her, I realized most of us have suffered in various ways from making […]

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