I am very good at giving advice… sometimes not so good at following it.  And every once in a while I drop off the face of the planet for a couple of weeks.  I too get stuck from time to time in a FUNK or a Brain Warp  as I call it.

Today’s advice is about these Funks or Brain Warps:

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel! 

Path Through Tunnel

Some may say the light is from a train coming at them…  bad attitude!

And there are times when people are so lost the cannot find the “freaking” tunnel, let alone a light!


I often give this advice to people who are down and/or feel hopeless.

There is always a tunnel for you!  And every tunnel has an opening with a light waiting for you! 

  • The tunnel very well may be right in front of you but you cannot see it for the fog…
  • Or – perhaps it is NOT in front of you, perhaps the tunnel is around the other side of the mountain… you may find that you have to scratch, claw, or crawl to find it… but it is there!

Also keep in mind that there is a difference between a CAVE and a TUNNEL so you’ll recognize your tunnel when you find it!

  • A cave is a hole with only one way in and one way out.  If you find yourself in a cave, back out as quickly and carefully as you can.
  • A tunnel has at least two openings giving you at least two options for moving through them and out of them.

Both may appear to be dark and hopeless places.  But in truth, they can both serve a greater purpose.  They can provide shelter, warmth, and safety for a time.  However, to be in the light one must move past the tempting comfort of stillness, back out into the open.

Good attitude?  Hold on until you find your tunnel, then stand aside and let the train pass, then you can work your way to the light!

train on tracks

Positive Living is a Daily Choice and if you don’t choose daily, the temptation is strong to slip into other places.