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I had the opportunity one night not to long ago to listen to (yes I said listen to – cell phones are my friend when I’m traveling) people receiving a gift of a lifetime.

Three weeks earlier a family from Salt Lake City, Utah was visiting Moab, which is about 4 hours south of Salt Lake. They were separated from one of their family members, their sweet little doggie! After searching for several days they finally gave up and returned home. They then hired a “pet detective” (I didn’t know there was such a thing) to continue the search.

Two weekend later a sweet little puppy wondered into the campground were my boys had pitched a tent.  Being the animal lovers and especially dog lovers they are, the boys immediately checked the collar and called the owners to inform them they had found their dog.

As fate would have it, the owners lived only blocks from our home.   The boys kept the dog for the weekend – taking very good care of him and making sure he didn’t run off again.

When they returned to Salt Lake they made arrangement to meet up with the family to reunite them.

Tears of joy were shed. A reward was offered. But in the true spirit of love the boys turned it down, saying “Money is not an option when you find a loved one.  Knowing the dog and family were reunited was gift enough”.

Now how did I hear all of this? I just happened to call one of the boys just as the reunion was taking place. He said, “Here listen to this”. I couldn’t see the tears but I could hear the voices and I’m so glad I was able to bank this in my memory. I am so proud of the boys and thrilled for the family.

Some people have pets as an object, others as family members or companions.  Anyone who has had a pet as a companion or as a family member will understand just how much this meant for everyone involved.

It doesn’t take much to give a gift of love to another.  You just need to look for the little things, feel compassion for another, and offer assistance without hope of gain or reward.

Give the GIFT of Love to someone today!