does happily ever after exist little girlThe myths around Happily Ever After are abundant.  They run from it being a Fairy Tale that’s untrue or unobtainable, to things that only happen to others, to the belief that if you find it – it will only last a moment then the Glass Slipper will shatter.

The Truth Behind the Glass Slipper is: The slipper fits, always has, and always will and that glass slipper is unbreakable.  You just have to put the slipper on to see the magic happen.

Another myth is that Happily Ever After only refers to love or romance.  Though this is an area where people seek eternal happiness there is so much more.  There is happiness at work, happiness with platonic friends, happiness with family, happiness with self, happiness with – well just about anything.

So how do we find our Happily Ever After?

We attract it!

Happily Ever After in Romance:  Be the kind of person you wish to have as a partner.  If you want someone who is honest and kind, you must also be honest and kind.

Happily Ever After at Work: Be they kind of employee that has what you desire within the organization.

You get the idea.

There are several core pieces to the foundation that creates Your Happily Ever After, and that can/will create it for you NOW not just some day in the distant future.  First I would like to focus on four of the cornerstones and the choices we make that lead to Happily Ever After for the next several weeks.  These four cornerstones will shape or reshape the person you are.

The four cornerstones are:

Choose to have a grateful heart

  • Look for and love the good in life
  • Focus on positive changes
    • Creatively come up with ways to attract and find positivity

Develop a true attitude of gratitude

  • Appreciate everything for what it is
  • Do not dwell on the negative
    •  Acknowledge the challenging or hurtful situations for what they are – take care of your part – then focus on that which is positive in your life

Have and show empathy for yourself and your needs

  • Forgive your past wrong or mistakes as well as future mistakes
  • Remove yourself from hurtful or harmful (physically, emotionally, spiritually) situations and people
    • People are entitled to their thoughts and emotions – they are not entitled to poor behavior

Display empathy and awareness of the needs of others

  • Forgive others their mistakes and allow them their own choices
  • Love others – you do not have to love their behaviors
    • Honor that which is honorable not that which is not
    • Remember – people are entitled to their thoughts and emotions – they are not entitled to poor behavior

Through daily practice of these cornerstones, we can impact not only our world, our own Happily Ever After, we will impact those around us and ultimately the community, even the world.

Through personal experiences let’s see how this looks and the impact it has, depending upon the choices we make to attract Happily Ever After or to repel it.