What is a Mother?  This is a question that can be answered many ways.  The way I look at it… Besides my Mother who gave me birth and raised me…  any woman who has ever loved and cared for a child is a mother to me.  There are so many people in this world that have given me the love, care and advice of a Mother!  I want to take  just a minute to thank all of them.  You wonderful people range from my sister Julie to my friend Janice to my Mother-in-Law (yes I did say the M-in-L word) to dozens of other wonderful women in my life.

Today I’d like to do two things.  First tell my Mother “I LOVE YOU” and second gush about the joys of Motherhood!



Today is one of those days we celebrate each year that I believe we should celebrate every single day.  It’s the day we show our love and appreciation for our Mother’s.  My Mother is different however!  Her daily acts of love make me aware on a regular basis, just how lucky I am.  As my sister Julie and I talked Friday about Mother’s Day, Julie told me a great story.

You see most people grow up wanting to be just like their Mother’s… however, my sister has a friend, whose name also happens to be Julie, that works with her.  The friend came in the other day after seeing our Mother and told my sister, “I know I should want to grow up and be just like my Mother, she’s a good woman.  But I’ve always wished I’d grow up and be just like YOUR Mother!”

renea small_edited-1

What a tribute to a Fabulous Woman!  My Mom raised 8 children, nursed a husband that slowly died from Diabetes, has lost two daughters and a grandson, most of her siblings, and yet has always maintained a positive attitude.  She is over 80 and worked full time until just a few weeks before her 80th Birthday.  She has served missions for her church, held various church callings and is always true to her faith and principles.  She’s made literally 100′s of quilts for anyone who may need some extra comfort and warmth.  She shows love for everyone she meets.  Most of my favorite quotes come from her.  “You can’t get hit in the face with a tomato, unless your head is above the crowd.”  “It will all be all right in the end.  If it’s not all right, it’s not the end.” ”Kites rise against the wind.”   I too hope to some day grow up to be just like MY Mom!

I’m not fabulous with words but MOM if you read this, I LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!  I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to have been raised by you and to still have the delightful example of womanhood you share every day!  You are a shining beacon in many lives.  Know your worth and value and God bless you for being who you are!

2nd Half of this Post


As many of you know by now, my x-husband and his parents are professional photographers whose main love is Yellowstone National Park.  Fortunately when we were married we only live about 5 1/2 hours from there so we visit often.  I loved going on these photo shoots with them. We always saw and experienced such wonderful things.

During one of our visits we saw yet another beautiful site.  A Bison giving birthWe witnesses the pain of labor, the birth, the cries of joy, the care of the new-born not quite ready for life, the nudging for the wake-up of birth, the assistance for standing, nudging the child over so their strength would build, and finally the nursing.  In just a short time the miracle of birth, the care and feeding of a child, and the site of a strong healthy baby with enough strength to stand and walk on their own took place.  Here is a photo that was taken as this mother was teaching her child to survive.

 nineteen bison love

(c) Photo by Ed Marzo


Isn’t this what Motherhood is all about?  One of the things that struck me and sticks with me, as I watched this miracle of new life, was that the Mother kept nudging the baby over.  The first time she tipped it over I thought it was an accident.  But it happened again and again.  No coddling, just constant nudging to get stronger and stronger.  This was her way of giving the first glimpse of nurturing to her newborn.  The birthing process is important, but the care and nurturing of the child is what makes the child strong!

So to all women who have ever cared and nurtured a child – my hat is off to you.

Being a Mother for me is by far the most rewarding experience I have ever had.  I’ve witnessed many miracles in my life, but nothing stirs my heart like seeing one of my children happy.  No major disaster can compare to the anguish in my heart when I see sadness in my children’s eyes.  No blessing or gift is as great and hearing the words “I love you” from one of my children.

Being a Mother is by far the hardest adventure any woman can embark upon.  It takes great amounts of sacrifice.  Learning how to put the other person first, when we are young and inexperienced, is sometimes challenging.  But overcoming this challenge and all other challenges that come with loving our children first and foremost, leads to the greatest joy ever known to humankind.

To my children, I LOVE YOU and thank you for helping me see success in Motherhood.  You are the light and joy of my life!