Is there Hope for Happy let alone a Happily Ever After?fotolia_94317240

A woman I saw today asked me an interesting question.  She said “you go around the country motivating people, right?”  I chuckled and gave her my stock answer about motivation being an inside job. Then came the interesting part of her question, “don’t you find that life is too hopeless and people are too down to really feel motivated about anything these days?”

Yikes!  Too hopeless? Too down to feel motivated?  Are we?  I certainly hope not!  Her questions caused me to think deeply about what is happening in our society right now.  Are we feeling a lack of motivation?  Just listening to the voices of doom all around us can bring us down and make us feel like hiding under the bed until things improve.  But, will things improve?  How can anything improve if we all feel a lack of motivation or, worse yet, hide out until things get better?

When I listen to too much of the doom and gloom I myself feel my energy slipping away.  So, today I am making a renewed promise to myself.  I am standing up for the Happily Ever After!

Starting today I will become extra motivated to be the kind of person that makes me happy, the person that works towards and believes in success.  Is now the right time to succeed in finding happiness?  You bet!  If not now then when?  Come out of hiding and join me.  Today is a brand new day and it is our choice how we spend it.

I agree with the great Dr. Wayne Dyer who said “Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”   What do you choose today?  Will it be misery or motivation?  If it’s misery that’s your choice but I won’t be joining you for that party but if it’s motivation you choose, I’ll be happy to come along.

Do you want things to change?  Be the change you seek.  It’s been proven, the things we think about will be the things we bring about.  Let’s spend our time and energy thinking about and bringing about positive change

Here’s to Happily Ever After!