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Why Personal Reset?

We sometimes refer to this as the “Nuclear Option“. There are things in your life that are real blocks to your progress: physical, mental, spiritual, or energetically. The process like the Release Me! sessions are holistic approaches to your overall well-being. They will eventually identify those things and clear them out. Eventually, because the process is based on what your subconscious is willing to take on at that point in time. The Personal Reset option is best used for the major issues you are facing in your life, those that you know must be eliminated, and eliminated as soon as possible!

Dr. Karen Perkins, DBA, MBA, CCPM, developed the Personal Reset system using a unique combination of guided visualization, hypnotherapy, and her own personal spiritual gifts.

Here’s what Dr. Karen says about this:

“I was born with an ability that allows me to see an individual, their problems, and their concerns as simply as when you look at a stop sign. As a child, I thought everyone could do that. Now, because of the gift and the years of practice and training I have received, I can safely guide you to the heart of your biggest problems and help you resolve and release them. It’s truly a gift like no other and I’d like to share it with you.

In our session, I guide you to eliminate your single most bothersome personal problem. This can be as serious as physical or mental addictions, as bothersome as low self-confidence, and lack of will, or as straight-forward as getting full and exact clarity on your life focus. I can do this because I can see YOU. That’s my gift. The process I use is called Personal Reset”.

Dr. Karen will guide you safely through finding the root of your issue, clearing it away, and allowing you to move on in your life with confidence that comes from knowing your true self.

Empty to Refill

This process is easy but not simple. It requires an emotional and energetic commitment from you that is most likely one of the ultimate commitments you have ever made. The Universal rule directing positive energy states, “You must empty yourself in order to be filled.” Every blessing in ancient times, every gift from God was preceded by an act of faith by the person hoping to receive. Even the myths of Greece taught that everyone is required to perform some type of act as payment for the gift to be received. For you it means, “You can’t put more into a full glass”. You are full and must be emptied in order for the gift to work in your heart.

In order to receive, you must lower your energy level so that you may be refilled. In our day, we are not sent on a quest, we don’t look for the golden fleece or sacrifice a bull on an altar. But we do make a personal sacrifice. You will commit to a strong emotional investment, and pay a significant price. Only then can the change you desire take place. BTW, Dr. Karen can see the commitment in your eyes…

Dr. Karen usually charges $2,500 for a single session – The Personal Reset – One Session, One Issue, One Solution.

What is it Truly Worth?

We realize that for some people, that investment is outside their realm of possibility. Yet, for some of you, this is truly the only solution. What is your peace of mind worth? What is non-addiction worth? What are your health, freedom, or positive self-image worth? What options would you have if the major issue holding you back simply disappeared?

What would that be worth to you? I’ll answer that: It’s Priceless

So, we have decided to make it possible for you to exercise this Nuclear Option for yourself, your life, and your loved ones.

Here’s the deal:

You may purchase a single Personal Reset Session with Dr. Karen for 1/10th the original price – Yes, that is $250. This is a full personal reset session, no shortcuts, nothing missing. This is a live session. You may meet in-person with Dr. Karen, or you may do your session on Skype remotely.

Our Promise: You will be thrilled. You will be amazed. You will be emotionally drained. You will be greatfull beyond words. You will be Reset.

Then, when your life has changed immeasurably, you may choose to repay Dr. Karen any monetary amount that you feel is appropriate for the work she has done with you. While there is no requirement for you to do this, the universe keeps score.

So there you go.

Exercise the Nuclear Option and have your Personal Reset experience with Dr. Karen Perkins now.

Remember – One Session, One Issue, One Solution

More than one Major Issue? How about a fantastic Package?

For those who know you have more than one major issue to extract, Dr. Karen will work with you on up to 4 of issues and provide a bonus 5th (clean up) session

A total investment of just $997 – That is a true value of $12,500 and you effectively get one session totally free.

Exercise the Nuclear Option Now. Choose Wisely.

Get Reset Now!
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