Compare yourself only to yourself!

We’ve all looked at someone and said, ‘If I could just be more like them, or I’m not as good at whatever as whomever”.  This is one of the things that keep us in the improvement mode right?  Wrong!  What it does is lower our self-worth.  As outlined before, we all have non-talents.  Yes others may have talents in areas that we admire.  However, comparing yourself to their particular achievements is usually a falsehood.  You see – perfection is a perception.  The very thing you think is perfect in another person, someone else may see as a limitation or weakness.  The person themselves may not see it as a positive.  So why do we allow our perceptions to rule our self-worth?

 beauty queen icon

Have you ever watched a beauty pageant?  Here you have these young ladies who walk across the stage in high heels, wearing very little else, with all the grace in the world.  If you’re like me, you look at them and say, “I want to look like that!”  I see a perceived perfectionism.  Seriously, have you ever asked yourself as this pageant queen walks across the stage, “I wonder if she ever gets gas?  In fact is it stinky gas?”  She does and it is!  No we compare to the immediate perception of perfection we see.  Her looks.  If you compared to the big picture you would realize they are the size they are due to rigorous routines.  They are allowed one peanut M&M as month.  For heavens sakes… give me my chocolate!!  Do you compare to the fact that many tape themselves up inside of their outfits?  Give me enough duct tape and I wouldn’t jiggle either.  They put Vaseline on their teeth so they can smile all night.  Oh and they put hemorrhoid cream under their eyes.  Eeeewww – That’s Gross!  That is not the part of the body that cream was meant for! (It takes down the swelling and bags from under the eyes.)

mirror you are beauty within

Think of something you’ve done and you’ve done well.  Did you stop and say, “Wow!  I’m great!  I just improved myself due to the goals I’ve set for myself.  I may or may not do this thing better than anyone else that is not the issue.  The issue is I did it.  I improved.  I compared only to where I’ve been and where I’ve come.”

The next time you are tempted to compare yourself to someone else, stop and ask yourself to list 10 things you do well and compare to that.  For now, I’ve got to just worry about getting to that next level of this newly forming talent.

Start today comparing only to yourself.  Send a reply to tell us at least one thing you are talented at?