In PART 7 of KICKING DEPRESSION’S BUTT, we talked about the importance of having a mission, vision or value statement and/or a motto.  In coming up with the information for this let’s visit our impressions of other people for a minute by doing the following exercise.

numbers random

It is vital to the outcome of this exercise that you do not read ahead.  Do each step before reading or moving on.

number 1

On a piece of paper write the names of 3 -5 people you respect and/or admire.  Leave enough space between each to do additional writing later on.  Now these people you respect and/or admire can be people you know, don’t know, and book, movie or television characters, people from history, whomever.  Example: Mine might be, My Mom, Abraham Lincoln and James Bond…

number 2

After each person’s name write 3 – 5 traits or characteristics they have that you respect and/or admire.  Example:  My Mom – Loyal, Fun, Strong, Honest…  Abraham Lincoln – Honest, Persistent etc…

number 3

Now rank the top 5 traits or characteristics.  This is how you do this.  The one that showed up most often would be #1, second most #2… if you have them show up the same amounts of time just pick your favorite 5.

number 4

You have now created you list of personal core values.


If I had asked you to list your core values, chances are pretty good you may have written something different down.  The facts are, the very things we respect and/or admire in other people are the things we are drawn to.

Make sure you are living your life according to your own personal core values.  If honesty was one of them… stop telling people the boss isn’t in when he/she is.  Instead tell them the boss is unavailable.  What does that mean?  He/she is physically or mentally not at a point where they can and/or want to take the call.  It’s a stretch, but it prevents you from telling a bold faced lie.

Now that you know what your core values are we’ll spend the next little while writing mission, vision or value statements and/or mottos.