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Internal Strength

Develop and maintain a healthy, powerful internal strength.

Identify your own personal power from within and merge with that peaceful, calm and emotionally powerful person you really are.

This recording is for people who are committed to doing whatever it takes to reach and maintain a healthy and productive life, connecting with yourself and with others, building positive and lasting relationships. And, I know that’s the kind of person you are.

During this session you visualize and identify with the calm, powerful and intelligent person you are. As you see the ideal day in your mind’s eye, concentrate on the joy and peace of mind your internal strength brings. You will do this by focusing on your own internal P.O.W.E.R.

You will ponder upon and commit to your POWER. You feel your past programming and harmful beliefs dissolve and fade away.

You allow POWER to be your life, define your thought process, and recreate your way of living.

Listen to this recording daily for the first several weeks, then revisit it at least once a week thereafter.

Dr. Karen Perkins, or as her students call her, Dr. K. is an engaging international speaker, hypnotist, author, and a highly sought after business leader and consultant in the private and public sectors. For over 20 years, she has met with organizations, groups, and individuals, teaching them the keys to personal growth and how to recognize and fulfill their own immeasurable potential.

She has help hundreds of individuals build internal strength, overcome bad habits, harness emotional control, lose weight, and more.

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