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Emotional Power – By Dr. Karen R. Perkins

Foreword by Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of “The Platinum Rule”

What? No one ever taught you that control is a good thing?

  • Do you hunger for the ability to harness power of your thoughts and emotions?
  • Do you feel a desire to propel yourself to a happier, healthier and more purposeful life?
  • Do you wish you had more power to control your emotions during stressful situations?
  • Have you ever lashed out at a friend, family member or coworker because your emotions got the best of you?

If so, this book was created for you.

  • Learn to turn your emotions into power.
  • Handle even the most difficult situations with ease and confidence.
  • Discover skills that put you in control and in command of your emotions.
  • Make yourself the calming force in your office and home.
  • Identify your core values and learn how to plan your life around them.

This book contains the proven techniques and lessons from Dr. Karen R. Perkins’ years of teaching her Emotional Power seminars. These same skills she teaches have helped millions of individuals around the globe deal with difficult situations and make their emotions work for them instead of against them.

Emotional Power will help you discover simple, yet effective, tools and tactics to master each of the five components of emotional power: Awareness, Attitude, Empathy, Social Skills, and Emotional Management. Then learn how to apply those skills in an environment where not everyone sees things the way you do.

Learn to build emotional strength that is sure to bring you better relationships, less stress, more happiness, and a more rewarding life.

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