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Think Thin Be Thin

Develop and maintain a healthy, slender body by changing the way you view life and food.

You will learn to identify your own personal power from within take control of your weight and size. You will change your behavior and understanding of food’s purpose.

This recording is for people who are committed to give whatever it takes to reach and maintain their ideal size and weight. You will create your own I.M.A.G.E.

I – Identify: You always make a conscious choice about when it is time to eat and what to eat.

M – Manage: You always decide what and how much to eat.

A – Appreciate: Take time to savor and enjoy every bite of your meal.

G – Get Over It: Stop eating when you are satisfied. Realize you have enjoyed the meal and it is over.

E – Energy: Use that newfound energy to its best extent. Enjoy using your energy.

Listen to this recording daily for the first several weeks, then revisit it at least once a week thereafter.

This recording is a product of work and study of eating behaviors between Dr. Karen R Perkins, Dr. Darwin R Perkins and Janice Madariaga.

Dr. Karen Perkins is an engaging international speaker, internal reset expert, author, and a highly sought after business leader and consultant in the private and public sectors. As a certified hypnotherapist she has help hundreds of individuals build internal strength, overcome bad habits, harness emotional control, lose weight, and more.

Dr. Darwin Perkins has been inspiring, mentoring, training and motivating employees and leaders for major corporations in 15 countries throughout Europe and Asia as well as the U.S for several decades. He has help hundreds of individuals build stronger relationships, overcome bad habits, lose weight, become pain free and more.

Janice Madariaga is a coach and mentor for men and women around the globe specializing in weight, self esteem and motivation.

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