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Step Into Your Value – VIP Power Day

Unshackle Your Life, discard obsolete baggage, Boost Your Energy

Spend a day, Reset Your Life!

You have unique challenges that few, if anyone, understands or experiences. Some of these challenges are the exact things that hold you back. Maybe it’s self-image, self-control, family history, your history, personal trauma, feelings of loss or abandonment, or other life events that have convinced you that your best may not be good enough.

This Exclusive VIP package includes a full day with both Dr. Perkins, in a location of their choosing, usually, Phoenix, Las Vegas, or Salt Lake City. This is a no-contact day. For the day, the outside world goes away. You will be fully immersed in your personal process.

Your VIP Day, covers three major areas of your life and business.

  1. You uncover your most deep rooted fear and trauma. You uproot it, shred it and cast it aside forever. Then you lovingly fill in the hole with treasures and memories that you cherish.
  2. You examine your current products, your ideal client, and the value you bring to your business. You set and reset your your rates, your expectations about your ideal clients, and how you are going to get your message to the world.
  3. Finally, you examine your path forward, your tools, your products, and your desires. You reconfirm or redirect your true path and make plans to follow it.

People are astounded with the results of these days. There have been everything from confirmations of feelings to completely new directions, comments range from, “Astounding, life-changing, unbelievable, so much was reset, and WOW!”

Your life will change. Right then, permanently, the instant you have completed your VIP Day with the Drs. Perkins.

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Dr. Darwin & Karen Perkins, are engaging international speakers, hypnotherapists, authors, and a highly sought after business leaders and consultants in the private and public sectors. For over 20 years, they have consulted to organizations, groups, and individuals, teaching them the keys to personal & organizational growth and how to individually recognize and fulfill their own immeasurable potential. As a certified hypnotherapists they have helped hundreds of individuals build internal strength, overcome bad habits, harness emotional control, lose weight, and more.

Retail: $24,997 cash or $30,000 make payments for 6 months.

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