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Selling For What It Is Worth

Realize the True Value of Your Products and Services!

You have a truly valuable product and service to offer your ideal client.  You realize that underpriced things are seen as having less value and less importance.

You realize now that you, yourself, are seen as less valuable when you underprice your products and services.

It is much easier to throw away something that is free than something you had to work hard for, something that you know has high value.

You now realize that to change the world you must start by changing your view of your own value.  You have a tremendous respect for yourself, your time and the value of the services you offer.

Dr. Karen Perkins, or as her students call her, Dr. K. is an engaging international speaker, hypnotist, author, and a highly sought after business leader and consultant in the private and public sectors. For over 20 years, she has met with organizations, groups, and individuals, teaching them the keys to personal growth and how to recognize and fulfill their own immeasurable potential.As a certified hypnotherapist she has help hundreds of individuals build internal strength, overcome bad habits, harness emotional control, lose weight, and more.

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