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Daily Affirmations

Affirmations are statements we hear and say to ourselves on a regular basis. Affirmations can be positive or negative, depending upon what we choose to hear and say. For a healthy, happy life one must replace the negative self talk with positive ideas on a continual basis.

Listen to these affirmations daily and remember your worth by instilling in your mind the value you hold.

Power up your day with Dr. Karen R Perkins and listen to these Positive Daily Affirmations. Heal your life and change your whole world for the better.

Dr. Karen Perkins, or as her students call her, Dr. K. is an engaging international speaker, hypnotist, author, and a highly sought after business leader and consultant in the private and public sectors. For over 20 years, she has met with organizations, groups, and individuals, teaching them the keys to personal growth and how to recognize and fulfill their own immeasurable potential.As a certified hypnotherapist she has help hundreds of individuals build internal strength, overcome bad habits, harness emotional control, lose weight, and more.

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