A dear friend came over today and was telling me about a talk he had heard.  The speaker was a pilot and was talking about times of terrible thunderstorms.  When the skies are dark, the clouds filled with storm, the pilots hold tight for a window of opportunity to take off.  Some may ask why they would even try to fly in such terrible weather.  They stay grounded until they know they are safe to take flight.  This pilot talked about the difficulties they have even once they’ve been cleared with the plane as it takes off.  The wind is against them, the clouds cover much of their vision, but the pilots know without a doubt one thing.  The sun is always shining (even at night somewhere else the sun is shining).  Once they pass the turbulent times they rise above the clouds to a beautiful sight!  A blue horizon, a warm and glorious sun and a blanket of white that looks fluffy and soft.

My sister Heather use to also say, “The sun is always shining.”  I had forgotten that.  I fly between 5 to 20 times a month.  I too have witnessed ugly storms with the beauty of peace and calm once we’ve risen high enough.

warm sun

What gives us the strength to continue to rise is an individual thing.  My gratitude journal is one for me.  I hope each of you can find a way to rise above the storm clouds and feel the warmth of the rays of a glorious and bright sun.

twentyfour kites

My Mom’s quote is appropriate here as well. ”Kites rise against the wind.”  Renae Putnam