In the last blog we mentioned four main personality types drawn from my wife’s book, Emotional Power. They are: Director (Lion), Analyzer (Owl), Sociable (Peacock), and Loyal (Lamb). Here’s a quick synopsis of the types. See if you recognize anyone in your organization that fits these models. For this blog we’ll start with the Peacock/sociable.

You know that person in the office who is always talking to everyone, and seems to be energetic and the life of the party? Well Chances are they are the peacocks of your office. The peacocks like to be in control and they need to interact with people. Their core motivation is fun. They love to be in the limelight and to get as much attention as possible. They hate to wait for things.

The best ways to show your peacock that they are valued is to tell them how important they are to the team and organization. Be sure to validate them on a frequent and regular basis. Peacocks also do very well with contests that have prizes that are publicly announced. Just make sure the results are announced quickly after the end of the contest, waiting for the results will drive them nuts. These will be the people you want to work with customers, because they will have an easy time building a natural rapport. They tend to also be the best sales people. While these are great traits to have, it’s not all fun, games and parties for peacocks.

Peacocks tend to bore easily. Their jumping around to find a project that is “fun” to them can make them seem disorganized, and unfocused. They are also impulsive and uncommitted. In my wife’s book Emotional Power, she uses the example of ordering pizza. Peacocks may order a pizza, and decide to go out for food 3 minutes before it gets there. Immediate works for them. Now works for them. Decisions need to be quick and focused. Innovative and fun works. To Keep them focused on a project you will need to make sure it can be fun, innovative and fulfilling for them. To refocus them, use public praise.

Peacocks are a great asset to any company because they improve moral and they are always looking for ways to make the environment more lively.