In the last blog we talked about our Sociable Peacocks, and the benefits that they can bring to our organizations. Today I want to talk about the Director or Lion, and what makes them tick.

The person in your office who likes to take charge and get things done “RIGHT NOW”, is typically your Lion. They tend to be natural managers, leaders, and protectors. In the Personal Preferences Quadrant, Lions show the need more control, and less personal interaction. They are constantly striving to gain more power in their lives. Their core motivation lies in gaining and expressing power.

Lions like to be in control and to be given responsibility. When you assign a group to a project, the lion to be the leader. Doing that will set you up to let them get things done quickly, because they will demand it. They want to make sure everyone is on the same page and will delegate, assign, and follow up to make sure everything is done.

When communicating with a Lion you must get to the point quickly. They don’t do well with small talk or details that are not pertinent to the end goal. Give them information that is fact based, unemotional, and clear. Letting them know that you are on their side and “have their back” is key for Lions.  To many people, these traits can seem overly aggressive and can cause stress in others. You can nip this quickly by being active in easing any stress before it gets out of hand.

Lions are a great asset to any organization. Involve them focus the, give them a team. They are ambitious and productive as well as natural-born leaders.